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Incredibly accurate - I just had to buy my premium profile! I've never been so intrigued with my thought processes and the way my brain works until now.
Campaigner (ENFP, -A/-T)
It’s amazing, very accurate. I was so confused about my own personality before taking one of the biggest decisions of my life. The profile helped me a lot in understanding myself without getting hurt by others’ behav... (see more)
Rabiul A.
Adventurer (ISFP, -A/-T)
The level of detail and good layout made for a great reading experience. Very accurate and gave me some good direction on how to better improve my behavior in life. Money well spent.
Debater (ENTP, -A/-T)
A great tool when reflecting on that next step on your career path. Useful for understanding your family and relationships too.
Mediator (INFP, -A/-T)
It’s scary how accurate my profile was. I'm an INTJ and one of the characteristics is how we are constantly trying to improve. These reason I stumbled across this site was exactly that! The best way to improve yourself... (see more)
Campaigner (ENFP, -A/-T)
The profile was an interesting and insightful read; I particularly enjoyed its ability to clarify why I feel torn between certain aspects of my life.
Meursalt B.
Campaigner (ENFP, -A/-T)
This profile changed my life in such a positive light I cannot be thankful enough. I now know so much about myself, and it’s especially interesting for an INTP like myself. Life is so much easier and I am a lot less st... (see more)
Debater (ENTP, -A/-T)
Although I am a very outgoing and expressive person, I never truly understood what motivated me and I felt incomplete with the way I was living my life. My friend told me about this website and after I took the test, I w... (see more)
Architect (INTJ, -A/-T)
Reading this profile opened my eyes in so many ways, many of my past and present experiences, and about myself, make so much sense now. Grown up together with an INFJ sister, I definitely absorbed some F of her, but it n... (see more)
Advocate (INFJ, -A/-T)
Wow - it felt like a professional therapist was analyzing me for many sessions. This investment helped me to realize a lot about myself and where my place in this world is!
Mediator (INFP, -A/-T)
Thank you for this valuable study that has allowed me to understand myself more thoroughly and how to navigate this usually one-sided world. The website and test interface is engaging, the language is simple and direct. ... (see more)
Debater (ENTP, -A/-T)
This is amazingly accurate. I recommend everyone get this profile and learn more how to achieve much more in life. Thank you for your dedication to analyze the way to help others recognize their own personalities.
Steve C.
Campaigner (ENFP, -A/-T)

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