What Is Lady Gaga’s Personality Type? (You Tell Us!)

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When Stefani Germanotta stormed the music world more than a decade ago, she didn’t do it under her own name. Instead, she took on a persona: Lady Gaga, an outlandish figure with blunt-cut platinum hair, avant-garde outfits, and a seeming aversion to the status quo.

Lady Gaga personality

Gaga didn’t sound or look like the other pop stars of the era. Heck, she wasn’t like anyone. But she trusted that her artistic vision, however unusual, would make her a megastar. Her first album, after all, was titled The Fame.

Over the past decade, Lady Gaga has evolved and matured as an artist. Her talent and versatility have earned her a place among the top-selling musicians in history, and she’s received nine Grammy Awards and an Academy Award. Meanwhile, she’s used her profile to advocate for LGBT rights and raise awareness of mental health issues.

Here at 16Personalities, we love to ponder the personality types of well-known figures. But this week, we’re asking you: What personality type do you think fits Lady Gaga?

To assist you with this mission, here are quotations from Gaga herself that illustrate some of her key characteristics, including the source of her creativity, her feelings about being different, and the depth of her aspirations.

Lady Gaga in Her Own Words

On creativity:

On social justice:

On trust:

On fighting for change:

On being in the public eye:

On opening up about mental illness:

On relaxing her eccentric persona:

On being different:

On haters:

On her aspirations:

On defying expectations:

On morality:

So, readers: now that you’ve read about Lady Gaga in her own words, what personality traits do you see in her attitudes toward creativity, fame, authenticity, and meaning? Does she remind you of yourself, or of anyone you know? And what personality type do you think fits her best?

You tell us!

We’ll post our analysis – and share some of your insights – in a few days.

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