Observant Personality Types: Adulting Superpowers and Projects

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Observant personality types may have the most natural experience when adopting adult responsibilities. There’s a certain pragmatism that comes with taking in the world as it is. Their approach is less tainted by interpretation. “It’s obvious what needs to be done,” might be a motto for many Observant individuals. Solving a problem starts with seeing a problem. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any adulting challenges ahead for them.

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The Adulting Superpowers of Observant Personality Types

These will make things easier for adulting Observant personalities.

Seeing Things for What They Are

Observant personality types see the world as it is. That doesn’t mean that their sight or other perceptions are better than Intuitive types’. But the spin that we all put on things we experience is likely to be more direct and less complicated among Observant types. They see what needs to be done with less flourish and interpretation.

When it comes to adulting, Observant personalities will find it easier to recognize the needed actions and to prioritize them in practical ways. They are less likely to worry about philosophies or psychological reasons for doing or not doing something. They are more likely to look at the sink full of dishes and decide: “That’s it. That’s what needs to be done next.” Anything besides the distinct task at hand may feel like needless static in the background.

Keeping Everything in a More Realistic Context

Similarly, Observant personality types are likely to make less of the whole idea of adulting. Others may expect a medal for clearing the hurdle of vacuuming the house regularly. Depending on an Observant individual’s other personality traits, the reward is more likely in the doing, and any further meaning likely exists beyond their interest.

Much of adulting is just about getting through the more tedious aspects of being a grown-up, to keep order in one’s life. Observant people need not adopt a minimalist philosophy to clean up a cluttered corner of their apartment. “There’s a mess in the corner. Messes need to be cleaned up. So I unclutter the corner. Oh, that’s what you mean by adulting?” Such straightforwardness can make it easier to build a habit.

Potential Adulting Projects for Observant Personality Types

Even though adulting may come more naturally to Observant people, everybody needs to pay attention to the obstacles in their lives – and maybe even turn some into projects for improvement.

Seeing Only One Way to Do Things

Observant personality types can be very imaginative. But their imagination is usually less about doing different things and more about finding smart ways to do the same thing more efficiently. Many Explorers, for example, are noted for their MacGyver way of swooping in and saving the day by improvising and using mostly what is already available. But sometimes there are better ways of doing something that go beyond fixing and all the way to replacing with something better.

Some Observant personalities may be reluctant to give up the spreadsheets they know so well for an automated app that does most of their budgeting for them. “If it works, why fix it?” But sometimes there are different and better ways of doing a task. And appreciating that may take a different kind of imagination. Some Observant individuals may be slow to see a radically different method as worth pursuing. But sometimes different methods save us time and energy that can be used for more important things.

When Adulting Tasks Become Too Important

This is one of those times when we have to warn about too much of a good thing. Much of adulting is readily noticing the essential specifics in life. And we give the average Observant individual a gold star for that. But sometimes those specifics can take on a life of their own, especially for these personalities. Larger, more essential things may take a back seat to the more routine. More tangible things might elbow out less tangible – but still important – things.

Suppose cleaning out the garage becomes more critical to a professionally ambitious Observant individual than going to a networking event. In this case, the concrete specifics of adulting have probably taken on too much importance. Balance is also an adult thing. Some Observant types may find some addictive comfort in the familiar details of their lives. Go out and pursue that hazy idea called networking. The garage will likely be there when you get back. Tend to your more conceptual life goals and clean another day.

Final Thoughts

Observant personality types are among the best equipped to handle adulting. Their biggest dangers may involve getting too immersed in their grown-up tasks, sacrificing other important aspects of life to them. But this is only because adulting activities are more blatantly obvious to them. We’re always looking toward balance because that is where the happiest people are usually found. Keep up the good work, yet don’t overdo it.

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