Would you like to run a survey on a forum, website, or a subreddit, and see how different personality types respond? Or are you working on a project that involves personality types and traits? You can now build your own surveys and link them with personality data using this free and simple yet powerful tool.

If you are an advanced user, you can also export raw anonymized survey data in the CSV format for further analysis. Looking for factors or other correlations in the data? This will allow you to dig deeper.

How Does This Tool Work?

1. Build a survey
You can add up to 20 items using both Yes / No and multiple choice formats.
2. Publish it
Each survey has its own link – simply share it with other people and wait for their answers.
3. Track the results online
Respondents’ answers are aggregated and shown in a series of informative charts.

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Public Surveys

If you would like to explore surveys that other users have created and made publicly available, click here.