ENFP Personality – Conclusion

Few personality types are as creative and charismatic as ENFPs. Known for their idealism and enthusiasm, ENFPs are good at dealing with unexpected challenges and brightening the lives of those around them. ENFPs’ imagination is invaluable in many areas, including their own personal growth.

ENFP personality

Yet ENFPs can be easily tripped up in areas where idealism and kindness are more of a liability than an asset. Whether it is finding (or keeping) a partner, staying calm under pressure, reaching dazzling heights on the career ladder or making difficult decisions, ENFPs need to put in a conscious effort to develop their weaker traits and additional skills.

What you have read so far is just an introduction into the complex concept that is the ENFP personality type. You may have muttered to yourself, "wow, this is so accurate it’s a little creepy" or "finally, someone understands me!" You may have even asked "how do they know more about me than the people I’m closest to?"

This is not a trick. You felt understood because you were. We’ve studied how ENFPs think and what they need to reach their full potential. And no, we did not spy on you – many of the challenges you’ve faced and will face in the future have been overcome by other ENFPs. You simply need to learn how they succeeded.

But in order to do that, you need to have a plan, a personal roadmap. The best car in the world will not take you to the right place if you do not know where you want to go. We have told you how ENFPs tend to behave in certain circumstances and what their key strengths and weaknesses are. Now we need to go much deeper into your personality type and answer "why?", "how?" and "what if?"

This knowledge is only the beginning of a lifelong journey. Are you ready to learn why ENFPs act in the way they do? What motivates and inspires you? What you are afraid of and what you secretly dream about? How you can unlock your true, exceptional potential?

Our premium profiles provide a roadmap towards a happier, more successful, and more versatile YOU! They are not for everyone though – you need to be willing and able to challenge yourself, to go beyond the obvious, to imagine and follow your own path instead of just going with the flow. If you want to take the reins into your own hands, we are here to help you.

3 years ago
Thank you for this free and useful information. It encourages one to take a step further into working well with one's natural way. The old saying know thyself is so important and yet so many of us have not endeavoured far in building out our emotional intelligence and moral intelligence. Yet research such as the Carnegie Institute show that financial success depends more on this than our IQ. Perhaps another factor to consider is subconscious family learnt factors imbedded often by 4 years old which may be holding us back would be good to build awareness of and where disfunctional to see, feel, go through and let go so one can truly grow more into their natural self rather than living for example, suffering obligations of love, that are not serving all well.
3 years ago
Pretty good. I'm a music teacher and the job suits me to a tee!! (as long as I have the freedom to teach what and how I want!)
3 years ago
Great stuff! I do act, I am studying journalism and plan to study diplomacy. As well I write poetry and plays and am interested in physics. Have I sad too much? :) Maybe you should consider adding some linguistic jobs as translator, and designer. And world traveler. I am telling you from experience. :) Anyway, great job you have done.
3 years ago
I am a pharmacist, and i love my job. for those who are ENFP, i think i will be an excellent career for you too. very very accurate description of me.
3 years ago
Occupational therapy is a great career for this type! This is especially true for OT' s practicing in schools or home-based pediatric intervention. "Imagineers" is who we are!
3 years ago
Hi Christina, That sounds interesting. I do creative career consulting which allows me to use my "idea generating" mind. Who do you work for? I like the term "Imagineers"
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