The four main groups of personality types

This post will cover the main type groups, which you have probably seen mentioned in some of our type descriptions – each of them covers four very similar personality types:

Analysts (INTJs, INTPs, ENTJs and ENTPs)

These Logical and Intuitive personality types embrace rationality and impartiality, excelling in intellectual debates and scientific or technological fields. They are fiercely independent, open-minded, strong-willed and imaginative, approaching many things from a utilitarian perspective and being far more interested in what works than what satisfies everybody. These traits make Analysts excellent strategic thinkers, but also cause difficulties when it comes to social or romantic pursuits.

Diplomats (INFJs, INFPs, ENFJs and ENFPs)

A group of Kind and Intuitive personality types – Diplomats focus on empathy and cooperation, shining in diplomacy and counselling. People belonging to this type group are cooperative and imaginative, often playing the role of harmonizers in their workplace or social circles. These traits make Diplomats warm, empathic and influential individuals, but also cause issues when there is a need to rely exclusively on cold rationality or make difficult decisions.

Sentinels (ISTJs, ISFJs, ESTJs and ESFJs)

We call Observant and Planning personality types Sentinels – they are cooperative and highly practical, embracing and creating order, security and stability wherever they go. People belonging to one of these types tend to be hard working, meticulous and traditional, and excel in logistical or administrative fields, especially those that rely on clear hierarchies and rules. These personality types stick to their plans and do not shy away from difficult tasks – however, they can also be very inflexible and reluctant to accept different points of view.

Explorers (ISTPs, ISFPs, ESTPs and ESFPs)

These Observant and Searching personality types are the most spontaneous of all and they also share the ability to connect with their surroundings in a way that is beyond reach of other types. Explorers are utilitarian and practical, shining in situations that require quick reaction and ability to think on your feet. They are masters of tools and techniques, using them in many different ways – ranging from mastering physical tools to convincing other people. Unsurprisingly, these personality types are irreplaceable in crises, crafts and sales – however, their traits can also push them towards undertaking risky endeavors or focusing solely on sensual pleasures.

Our in-depth profiles cover these topics in much greater detail, e.g. explaining what drives each personality type, where their self-esteem comes from, how different type groups communicate with each other and so on. However, this article should give you a basic understanding of these four groups and is likely to be particularly useful if you are not 100% confident what your personality type is.

3 Responses to “The four main groups of personality types”

  1. ka Reply

    My strongest sense is hearing then sight,fallowed by touch.I could be seen as a performer in my field of interest in a specific subject.

    But I’m more of an intellectual since I view everything can be fixe,on a long term view,also live hand in hand with analysis in all fields.

    I’m certain,not a tradionalist.

    Idealist maybe on some points;I’m insighful,imaginative,I’m a visionary,I see patterns easily,and links that may not be clear to other people are for me.
    but I’m not in the drivers seat of feelings too much of a roller-coaster ride and I feel spontaneously lost in that field.

  2. ka Reply

    Maybe the test should be devided in two parts left for your job,and right side for your personal life it just might reveal your innerself and your outward self?
    One can be or act differently socialy than in their personal life,
    just saying.

  3. Far Reply

    I think that these types of characters can rely on the way you ‘ve brought up;Since, I was an extrovert child since 10 then because of some bad events during my life I changed in to an introvert person!!!
    personality is some how acquisitive rather than intrinsic.