INTJ personality and emotions

INTJs are defined by their confidence, logic, and exceptional decision-making, but all of this hides a turbulent underbelly - their emotions. The very notion of emotional expression is synonymous with irrationality and weakness to many INTJs, a display of poor self-governance and fleeting opinion that can hardly stand up to the enduring light of factual truth.

This mistrust of emotions is understandable, as Feeling (F) is the most weakly developed trait for INTJs - like any complex tool, skilled hands can use it to remarkable effect, while untrained hands make clumsy and dangerous work.

People with the INTJ personality type take pride in remaining rational and logical at all times, considering honesty and straightforward information to be paramount to euphemisms and platitudes in almost all circumstances. In many ways though, these qualities of coolness and detachment aren't the weapons of truth that they appear to be, but are instead shields designed to protect the inner emotions that INTJs feel. In fact, because their emotions are such an underdeveloped tool, INTJs often feel them more strongly than many overtly emotional types because they simply haven't learned how to control them effectively.

There is not a Truth Existing Which I Fear

This is a challenging paradigm for INTJs to manage, especially younger and more Turbulent types who are already less confident than they would like to appear. These feelings are contrary to INTJs' idea of themselves as paragons of logic and knowledge, and they may go so far as to claim they have no emotions at all. This does not mean that people with the INTJ personality type should be seen as, nor should they aspire to be, cold-blooded and insensitive geniuses living by the mantra that emotions are for the weak. INTJs must understand that this isn't the case, and isn't ever going to be.

INTJ personality and emotionsMore mature and Assertive INTJs find more useful ways to manage their feelings. While they will never be comfortable with a truly public display of emotions, INTJs can learn to use them, to channel them alongside their logic to help them achieve their goals. While seemingly contradictory, this can be done in several ways.

Firstly, INTJs are goal-oriented, with long-term ideas founded on sound logic. When something does cause an emotional reaction, good or bad, that energy can be used to further those goals, aiding rational and pre-determined plans. Secondly, emotions are figurative canaries in the coal mine, indicating that something is off even though logic can't see it yet. These feelings can help INTJs to use their logic to ask questions they may not have thought to ask. "This is upsetting. Why? What can be done to resolve it?"

Question With Boldness

In this way, emotions are not INTJs' way of addressing a decision, but rather an indication that a decision needs to be addressed. INTJ personalities' Thinking (T) trait acts as a protective big brother to their Feeling (F) trait - seeing that something has upset the less able sibling, it steps in to take action, letting logic do the talking and resolving the condition rather than complaining about its consequences.

There comes a time though, when logic is simply the wrong tool for the job, when there just isn't a rational solution to a problem, and it is in these situations that INTJs must use their Feeling (F) trait most clearly. INTJs would do well to practice this from time to time, or at least be aware of it, because however they may try, it is impossible to truly separate emotion from the decision-making process. The fact is that INTJs do feel, and deeply, and this makes them better, not worse.

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Jan 19, 2015 18:27:34
Being an INTJ is fine for the ability to spend a lot of time alone but when it comes to having to sell oneself and network, that's when the problems start.
Jan 18, 2015 11:31:52
All makes sense, just wondering do all INTJ have 'that stare'? Most of my friends said my stare is creepy like I have no emotion and I look lifeless, inhumane yet intimidating.
Jan 19, 2015 16:21:35
I must be honest, I'm really passively happy that you posted this particularly off-topic question. I feel as if everyone I talk to shut's up when they say something incredibly stupid and I give them "The Stare". I feel that "The Stare" actually really is helpful as it helps other individuals notice their stupidity, as well as the pleasant side-effect of leaving silently so I can continue working efficiently without the common idiot disturbing me.

I'm enraged because of extra, unnecessary work I have been given, because my co-worker is currently ill. So I'm in a bad mood, and I make sure everyone notices it, so they cease pleasantry-exchanging with my person.
(By the way, I hate parties, so don't EVER ask me to go to one, unless it's a funeral for someone I despise.)

Idiot: "Hey, Connor, You feeling down? Why don't you take a bath. Oh, guess what I am having tonight, a party!!! You should totally come, bro'! I..."
Me:" 'The Stare' "
Idiot: " 'Silently backs up in an orderly fashion and our relationship ceases to exist.' "

The way he feels afterwards: "-_-"
The way I feel afterwards: ":D"

Your thoughts?
Jan 17, 2015 00:12:07
INTJs looks creepy and complicated in this description. But I'm ENFPs that has a sight my future husband about like this. And well said the study of this web said the same! We are very different but it will be interesting to be together
Jan 14, 2015 11:56:04
I've taken that test 5 times and other times in different tests all I get is INTJ.... of all things I have to be it's this one ... well my life is an example of denying your nature and I have to be a part of a 2 % group on earth it explains so much.. All I wanted is to fit in .. I guess that's simply not the case anymore. All things considered this outcome can lead to better outcomes in my life by following my nature. Although they are not outcomes my family would expect for me considering they are vegetables. Emm need to learn to fit in anyway that can help me get what I want off people and learning the other personality types would help me find patterns in their behaviour.... Although no one is the same because everyone is made unalike by there own experiences would lead to false confidence in my ability to read them but it's a start

Sorry for my rambling btw
Jan 20, 2015 19:13:25
I feel the same way sometimes about wanting to fit in. I just wanted people to accept me for me instead of tearing me down. Anyway, I don't care anymore now that I've taken the test.
Chiranjit Bose
Jan 06, 2015 15:21:10
Proud to be an INTJ. Logic is the best thing to have
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