Free personality test - short version

This short test should help you determine another person’s personality type. That could be your colleague, friend, love interest, or a client, to name just a few examples.

Please select the more suitable option from each of the sections below. Once finished, press the “Results” button.

How would you describe them in a social environment?
  • Talkative and sociable
  • Have little difficulties starting conversations
  • Dislike being alone
  • Energetic after social situations
  • Seem to think while speaking
  • Private
  • Would rather listen than speak
  • Seem to tire quickly in social situations
  • Comfortable being alone
  • Speak only after collecting their thoughts
Would they rather:
  • Focus on practical matters, facts and what is in front of them
  • Be down-to-earth
  • Think about the past or the present
  • Execute the plan or oversee its execution
  • Trust traditions and experience
  • Focus on ideas, patterns and what could be done
  • Be more imaginative than practical
  • Focus on the future
  • Develop a strategy or a contingency plan
  • Prioritize novelty and intuition
How do they make decisions?
  • Compassionate and sensitive
  • Listen to their heart rather than their head
  • Dislike criticism, are likely to react emotionally
  • Want to be seen as warm, sensitive and sincere
  • Find it difficult to work with people they dislike
  • Composed, focus on rational and objective arguments
  • React calmly when they are being criticized
  • Listen to their head rather than their heart
  • Want to be seen as calm, impartial and just
  • Able to put personal feelings aside if a task requires it
How do they approach work and planning?
  • Focus on options, do not worry too much about plans or schedules
  • Seem playful about work
  • Dislike thinking about the future (“we will deal with it when the time comes”)
  • Find it difficult to choose between several options
  • Dislike rules and love freedom of action
  • Focus on clearly defined plans and timelines
  • Seem very serious about work
  • Always prefer to have a plan (“failed to prepare – prepare to fail”)
  • Decisive, sometimes even too eager to make a decision
  • Do not mind rules and clearly structured environments
How confident are they?
  • Calm and relaxed most of the time
  • Refuse to worry too much
  • Not perfectionistic
  • Rare mood swings
  • It is difficult to get them excited
  • Self-conscious, care about their image
  • Success-driven
  • Perfectionistic
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Get stressed out easily