ENTJ relationships

ENTJ personalities are energetic and enthusiastic dating partners who take their romantic commitments very seriously. As in other areas, ENTJs strive to seize the leadership position in the romantic relationship. This is likely to be a good thing as the ENTJ will be eager to assume responsibility for making sure that everything goes smoothly. ENTJs are creative and innovative dating partners, which is reflected in their long-term relationships as well. It should be noted, however, that ENTJs will sometimes ask themselves whether the relationship is heading toward a dead end. If this seems to be the case, they may break it off and leave, without looking back.

ENTJ relationshipsENTJs are usually quite bad at sensing their partners’ feelings and emotions. This personality type should try to pay more attention to improving these skills, as the combination of their insensitivity and their tendency to dominate can easily break the relationship, especially during the early dating phase.

From the sexual perspective, ENTJs are energetic, enthusiastic, and very imaginative. It is likely that the ENTJ will often push their dating or long-term partner to explore new ways to show their love and affection. However, the ENTJ is also likely to seek some structure and predictability in their sexual life.

ENTJs are unlikely to have any issues with neediness or self-esteem, which makes them very attractive to potential dating partners. However, many other types [especially those with a strong Feeling (F) trait] need a lot of praise and support, and ENTJs should bear this in mind. If the ENTJ does not consciously try to meet their partner’s emotional needs in such a relationship, they may both end up inadvertently hurting each other.

ENTJs do not really mind being criticized and pay attention to critical comments, as long as they are logically sound. However, they should remember that many personality types, especially Feeling (F) ones, are likely to have a different opinion. These types are very vulnerable to criticism and are likely to avoid tense situations at all costs.

Generally speaking, ENTJs bring a lot of great things into their romantic relationships and are likely to be reliable, growth-oriented and dedicated partners. They will be eager to take the steering wheel right from the start and defend their partner from the harsh realities of life.

Preferred partners: INFP and INTP types, as their Introversion (I) and Prospecting (P) traits counterbalance ENTJs’ Extraversion (E) and Judging (J) traits.

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