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The MENTI model

This post will describe five personality aspects that, when combined, define the personality type: Mind, Energy, Nature, Tactics and Identity. Each of these aspects should be seen as a two-sided continuum, with the “neutral” option placed in the middle – the percentages you would have seen after completing the test (also shown on the right … Continued

Unsure about your personality type?

In one of our previous blog posts we discussed the meaning of scores you see after completing our personality test. Today’s post will focus on what you should do if one of the traits is assigned a very low score (<5%) – this should help you find out which personality type you truly belong to. … Continued

Type groups

This post will cover the main type groups, which you have probably seen mentioned in some of our type descriptions – each of them covers four very similar personality types: Analysts (INTJs, INTPs, ENTJs and ENTPs) These Intuitive and Thinking personality types embrace rationality and impartiality, excelling in intellectual debates and scientific or technological fields. … Continued

Strength of individual traits

Our visitors often ask what is the meaning of percentages that show up once you complete our personality test. We thought it would be best if we answered this question here as well. Upon completing the test, people are presented with a list of five traits, accompanied by percentage values: Mind – Introverted or Extraverted … Continued

On the topic of ambiversion

We sometimes get e-mails from people wondering whether “ambivert” is a new, modern term for those who seem to be somewhere in the middle between Introversion and Extraversion. Is it possible to have an introverted personality one day and an extraverted one the next day? Can you draw your energy from both sources? First of … Continued

Is it possible to change your personality type?

Every personality type has its strengths and weaknesses – there is no ideal type just like there are no ideal humans walking on this planet. That being said, it is almost inevitable that at some point in life you will say “I wish I had a different personality”. You may want to become more outgoing, … Continued

Careers by personality type

Our personality traits influence many things in our lives – including our career choices and performance in certain roles. Let us take a look at some examples. Mind: Introversion or Extraversion This is the most commonly discussed dichotomy, especially when it comes to categorizing careers by personality type. Extraverted individuals tend to shine in “people-centric” … Continued