[INTJ] Visual Artist

Tell us about your chosen career path. Where do you work? Would you consider this your dream job? Why?

My chosen career is to be Visual Artist for a Broadcasting company here in the Philippines. But I would consider it as a stepping stone towards my dream job.

What I would love to become is to be a 3D animator.

How did you get to where you are now? What mistakes have you made? What would you do differently if you could go back?

How did I become a Senior Visual Artist?

Explaining this would be difficult; since I don't have a proper educational background in the first place. I only finished high school and didn't have the means to pay for college. But I did take a 6-month vocational computer course in print media (with my relatives paying for the course) and excelled in it.

At 18 years old, I worked for an outsourcing, architectural firm as a simple photo editor. 6 months later, I became Sr. Photo Editor. About 6 months later, I became an unofficial Project Manager. My bosses couldn't give me an official work title because I was only 19 years old and don't have the proper credentials. What would they say to their overseas clients if they ask who I am? Yet they trusted me to do the work because I thrived in it! But when I turned 20 and have become an OIC and assistant manager (again, all unofficial titles), I got burnt out because of all the OT work and I couldn't see my family any more.

So I resigned, worked as a freelancer for 2 years doing various jobs: Flash Game Designing, Video Editing, Graphic Designing, Video Editing, and Book Illustrating. I took any designing job that would help supplement the family's needs.

Then took up another vocational course on Web, but switched to 3D Graphics. When I finally applied for the Broadcasting company I am currently working for, I had 4 years of working experience behind me as a graphic designer. They took me in as a Jr. Visual Artist. And after 1 year later, got promoted to Sr. Visual Artist.

What mistakes have I made?

A lot, hahaha! But most of it was how I interacted with my officemates. They thought I didn't care because I couldn't connect with them emotionally. If only they knew that I do care! I just didn't know then what I do know now- in terms of social interaction.

What would I do if I could go back?

Having grown older (and hopefully wiser), I would try to join more community activities and be more involved socially. I now see that I shouldn't have been too introverted. Yes, there are times that I can have a retreat and be alone with a book. But when an opportunity would arise for me to grow learn from others, then I should grab it -- and take more emotional risks.

What is the best thing about your job? What is the worst?

Best thing about my job is that my producers give me the freedom to experiment different styles of design, and that they trust in my abilities.

Worst thing was when I had to stifle my style and had to downgrade my work last year. My bosses told me to simplify my designs because the Supervising Visual Artist couldn't keep up with 3D look I was going for. But all that has changed -- my bosses now agree that he has to be the one to keep up!

What would you like to achieve in 10 years? Have your goals changed since the beginning of your career?

I would like to be a 3D animator - 3 to 4 years from now. And create a 3D animation company within 10 years.

Yes, my goals have changed. Before, I just wanted to be a manager of a company. But now, I want to own my own studio and have my own business.

If someone with your personality type was just about to start looking for their first job, what advice would you give them?

I would tell them that it's good to be dedicated to your work, but it would be more important to never let go of your dedication to your family and friends. People are still more important than work. Sure, you get a lot done, your bosses will be happy with the your effort and focus on your career. But when problems arise in the office, it's not your work that will carry you through the hard times. It will be the people whose lives you've invested on.

And another thing, character is more important than intelligence. When you've finally earned the bosses' favor, it's character that will keep you out of trouble. A good character will sustain you in your career.

Looking back at your career, what do you regret most? What makes you feel happy?

I have no regrets with my work- only in my personal life. Until now I am still single because, in the past, I have pushed away potential partners. This due to my inability to connect emotionally. Emotions scare me because it is illogical. And I don't know how to control it.

The ones who make me happy are my relationship with my family and friends.

In your opinion, which traits of your personality help you the most? Which ones are the most problematic?

The trait that helped me the most was T (thinking). I could quickly adapt and learn. And I am not afraid to take risks in my work.

The most problematic was J (judging). I know I am not suppose to think of people that way, or label them, but I try my best to overcome it.

If there was one thing you could change about your personality, what would that be?

It would be being judgemental. I just keep my mouth shut when I disagree with someone's style of working and living.

Posted: May 19, 2014


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